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Greetings and Information

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 16, 2013, 2:55 PM
Welcome to our page! :wave:

First of all, there are many dedicated porters working behind this profile. We have decided to group all the models we port to one place here, so everyone has access to high quality ports from video games of old and new. We take our time to make sure every model we upload look the best they can with the resources we have.

Please do not spam with requests, we work on models we enjoy and love, we do not take requests. Also please be aware that all models uploaded here are uploaded by the original porter. We are not uploading any one else's models. So browse the gallery and hope you enjoy the models. :)

~The Team~


Black Canary
Black Canary from Injustice 2
Property of Netherrealm Studios, DC and Warner Bros.
I do not own anything.
Use for in-character fanart only.

This model works entirely differently to any other model, it is ENTIRELY customisable, you can use all of the items from the game that is available in gear.
To load this model, you need to use Modify > Load Generic Item, load the Character.mesh file and then afterwards load in the Outfit.mesh files inside the other folders inside the main Black Canary folder.
Each of these meshes has optional items, as you can see here: 
Black Canary Optional Items by Sticklove
Use this if you want to find a specific item to enable, or just play around however you like. Some optional items don't fit with some base meshes since they aren't intended to, so if they don't fit then they won't work together.
The Character.mesh file also has an optional item to remove hands, this is only needed when the gloves meshes have the fingers included.
They will all load with the default meshes, so you will instantly get the default look of the character. It only has the default shader for the character too.
When enabling optional items, make sure that you DO NOT select the armature of the model while enabling one, it will cause an error, it doesn't wreck XPS but it's just annoying to see the error a lot.
The textures on the model are lower quality than their original, as the originals were reaching 4K and wouldn't let the model load in XPS. Do not extract the "Original Sized Textures.7z" file into the model folder, or your model will most likely not load in XPS. Use these textures in external programs like rendering engines.
There are three alternate options for face textures, which are for the face paints that are included as gear. I was going to add these as optional items but was worried that it would increase the size too much and make the models not load, so if you want any of those face paints, replace "BC_Face_D" with one of the "BC_FaceMU1/2/3_D" files. Remember to backup the original.
This model shouldn't be a problem for most PCs I hope, but if there is an overwhelming amount of problems, then I'll make some preset models that will not have any optional items.

Now for some other things I want to talk about:
I spent alot of time on this model, more than I have on any of my models before, I'd appreciate if people thought twice about making pornographic images or nude models with this. I know I can't ask you to NOT do it (I've tried that already, doesn't work well with some people), but I hope some of you would think about the time I put into working on this model, not just for myself but for everyone else's enjoyment.
Because I have spent alot of time on this, and will do the same thing on the other models, I'd appreciate if people didn't say "When is this character coming?", "Do this character." etc. I will port what I want, when I want, and any comments made about asking for characters will not change that.

HUGE thanks to id-daemon for this tool, without him this wouldn't be possible.

Added Chokers K and L to the optional items (models that I didn't see before in other files), if you have already downloaded the normal package, copy the files from this into the Chokers folder:…
Otherwise the original download is updated, if you haven't downloaded the model before, download that one only.

Added eyelashes to the Character model, and updated the hair normal map for better hair shading. For those who have already downloaded the original package, you can download it here:… Copy these files into the base "Black Canary" folder, and replace anything it asks you about.
Made presets for those with low-end PCs, which you can download here:… and this is how they look:
Black Canary - Preset A by Sticklove  Black Canary - Preset B by Sticklove  Black Canary - Preset C by Sticklove
Otherwise, both the presets and the update are included in the original package now, if this is your first time downloading the model, ONLY download the file in the original link.
Sonic (Classic)
Sonic (Classic) from Sonic Forces
Copyrighted by Sega
Thanks to Random Talking Bush for extraction!

Q and A time!

Q: What's included?
A: Default Sonic, Super Sonic, and spin dash Sonic with Super Sonic color as well. Poses also included.

Q: Are there any optional items?
A: Eyelids are optional items, as well as left, right, center, shock 1 and shock 2 mouth position meshes.

Q: Why are the eyes so weird?
A: Because it was a better option to just do the same type of thing as I did with the FMA models; irises and eye shine are the only thing that's poseable because the eyes weren't poseable to begin with.

Q: What else will you/won't you be porting from Sonic Forces?
A: I'll port every character, and I won't port any of the customization items/bases.

Q: I would like to use these models for inflation/vore/*insert your own weird fetish* art.

Injustice 2 related - For those with low end PCs wondering "Why does The Flash have preset models and not Black Canary?", well I'll be uploading presets for her hopefully tomorrow or the next day, I'm looking into something else at the moment regarding her. Stay tuned.
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash from Injustice 2
Property of Netherrealm Studios, DC and Warner Bros.
I do not own anything.
Use for in-character fanart only.

HUGE thanks to id-daemon for this tool, without him this wouldn't be possible.
Jay Garrick
Jay Garrick from Injustice 2
Property of Netherrealm Studios, DC and Warner Bros.
I do not own anything.
Use for in-character fanart only.

HUGE thanks to id-daemon for this tool, without him this wouldn't be possible.


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Forum was moved to recently, because we had some trouble with the previous webhost. The place was getting more and more unstable. At first we blamed it on the chatbox, turned out that Yahoo! was to be blamed all along. Poor chatbox.

Anyway, the place is up and running again and looks as stylish as ever. >_> Some links may be kaput at the moment, but we're working on it, don't worry. So go ahead and sign up if you want to :icontwerkplz: with us. See ya there.



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